In memoriam, citroen c5

In memorian of our Citroen C5


108000 Kilometres driven

Ten years and kids

In nearly 10 years

Car covered in snow

Through winter

Summer in finnmark

And arctic summer

Car photographed with dutch angle

Strike a pose

Collage of snapshots of our citroen c5 in different places

Journeys both far and short, but always in great...

Interior shot driving through tunnel


interior shot driving through Lærdalstunnel long exposure


take on classic I heart NY

We love you 89089

Citroen being towed away on car ambulance

The hydraulic pump situation

Picture Citroen C5 for sale

For sale

Upper part of Citroen C5 with mountainpass in background

So long and thanks for all the rides.

Daniel buys Citroen C5

Safe travels Daniel

“Alleen een Citroën, rijdt als een Citroën..”

—Citroën Nederland

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