Click this enormous, megabutton to like & follow on facebook!

The biggest facebook-button in the world! ™

I'm getting a lot of spam lately from social-media douchebags who are trying to sell likes, followers and youtube-views, which obviously makes one an internet-god.

If you can't beat them, join them. So instead of creating good content, I decided to boldly go where no man has gone before and build the most awesome, biggest, enormous, gigantic, facebook button the internet has ever seen! And here it is!

I'll show them that all you need to get to 500 gazillion followers is my genius facebook button.

It became so big I had to make it transparent so you can see the part of the page which isn't button.

This awe-inspiring follow-button links to my facebookpage which if you "like" will inform you about any updates on my website. It's like a RSS-feed but more complicated.

An actual like button would have been more appropriate but Facebook doesn't want its buttons to be pimped (thankfully) by social media douchebags. (And I suck at Javascript)

If you are a social media douchebagexpert and are interested in using this brand new proven concept of instant succes contact me for payment instructions to get legal right of use to the biggest facebook-button in the world! ™

There is no escape!